Agricultural Science, Communication and Leadership (B.S.Ag.L.S.)

Required course work includes the university requirements (see regulation J-3) and:

Agricultural and Life Science Core
AGEC 278Farm and Agribusiness Management4
AGED 406Exploring International Agriculture3
AGED 451Communicating in Agriculture3
BIOL 115Cells & the Evolution of Life3
BIOL 115LCells and the Evolution of Life Laboratory1
SOIL 205The Soil Ecosystem3
SOIL 206The Soil Ecosystem Lab1
COMM 101Fundamentals of Public Speaking2
CHEM 101Introduction to Chemistry3
or CHEM 111 Principles of Chemistry I
CHEM 101LIntroduction to Chemistry Laboratory1
or CHEM 111L Principles of Chemistry I Laboratory
Select one of the following:3-4
Pre-calculus Algebra and Analytic Geometry
Survey of Calculus
Analytic Geometry and Calculus I
Select one of the following:3-4
Persuasive Writing
Business Writing
Environmental Writing
Technical Writing
Science Writing
Agricultural Science, Communication and Leadership Courses
ACCT 201Introduction to Financial Accounting3
AGEC 289Agricultural Markets and Prices3
AGED 180Introduction to Agricultural Education1
AGED 251Principles of Agricultural Communications and Leadership3
AGED 450Developing Leaders3
AGED 498Internship5-10
Upper-Division Agricultural Economics Elective3
Subject Area Electives20
Select one of the following:
10 credits in two of the following subject areas:
OR 15 credits from one of the following subject areas AND 5 credits form a Foreign Language:
Communication Electives12
Select 12 credits ofcommunication electives including one upper-divison course:
Interpersonal Communication
Communication and the Small Group
Conflict Management
Applied Business and Professional Communication
Technology, Teaching and Learning
Media and Society
Media Writing
Introduction to Integrated Media Campaigns
Leadership Electives9
Select 9 credits of leadership electives:
Developing 4-H Youth Programs
Foundations of Extension Education
Introduction to Management
Organizational Behavior
Managing Organization Design and Leading Changes
Public Involvement in Natural Resource Management
Intro to the Army & Critical Thinking
Intro to the Profession of Arms
Foundations of Leadership I
Foundations of Leadership II
Camp Leadership in Recreation and Sport
Total Hours92-99

Courses to total 120 credits for this degree