Interior Design (ID)

ID 151 Introduction to Interior Design

3 credits
Introduction to interior design theory and process. Explores transdisciplinary design issues and relationships; emphasis areas include basic design theories, vocabulary, and sustainability of the built environment. Attendance at outside events (such as lectures and symposiums) is required.

ID 152 Interior Design I

3 credits
Study of the relationship of design theories to the interior environment; exploration, through a variety of media, of the elements and principles of design, with emphasis on spatial relationships and color theory. Focus of design problems is residential design and small-scale contract design. Attendance at outside events; some class critique sessions outside of scheduled hours at student expense.
Prereq: ID 151 or Permission
Coreq: ARCH 154 .

ID 200 (s) Seminar

Credit arranged.

ID 203 (s) Workshop

Credit arranged.

ID 204 (s) Special Topics

Credit arranged.

ID 244 Computer Aided Drafting and Modeling

2 credits
Cross-listed with ARCH 244
Introduction to computer-aided drafting and modeling techniques and applications.
Prereq: ARCH 154.

ID 254 Architectural Design II

4 credits
Cross-listed with ARCH 254.
Basic integration of principles and concepts for architectural design, both interior & exterior. Two 3-hr studios a wk and assigned work.
Prereq: ARCH 253 or Permission
Coreq:ARCH 243 .

ID 281 History of the Interior I

3 credits
Survey of historical interiors and furnishings from antiquity to the industrial revolution.

ID 282 History of the Interior II

3 credits
Survey of historical interiors and furnishings form the industrial revolution to the present.
Prereq: ID 281 or Permission.

ID 299 (s) Directed Study

Credit arranged.

ID 332 Furniture Design and Construction

4 credits
Theory and application of furniture design and construction emphasizing the continuing development of three-dimensional design skills and attention to physical detail; aspects of structure, ergonomics, and aesthetics are addressed in process of designing and constructing furniture pieces. One and one-half hrs of lec and 3 hrs of lab a wk in class meetings. Recommended Preparation: ID 281, ID 282.
Prereq or Coreq: ID 351 or Permission.

ID 344 Digital Design Tools for Interior Design

2 credits
Introduction to software programs, with emphasis on Revit, for use in designing environments. Including but not limited to 3-D modeling.
Coreq: ID 351 or Permission.

ID 351 Interior Design III

6 credits
Sequence of advanced residential and small scale contract design projects requiring integration of design theories and process in relationship to critical problem solving. Emphasis on formation of interior spaces to correspond to function and flow patterns. Nine hours of studio a week; field trips reqd at student expense; some class jury sessions outside of scheduled hours.
Prereq: ID 152 and ID 254 or Permission .

ID 352 Interior Design IV

6 credits
Sequence of large scale contact and other design problems requiring application of expanded design process including problem identification, analysis, program development, conceptual and design development and solution presentation. Implementation of lighting, codes, systems furniture, and interior specifications in the design process. Nine hours of studio a week; field trips required at student expense; some class jury sessions outside of scheduled hours.
Prereq: ID 351 .

ID 368 Materials and Specifications

3 credits
In-depth study of interior finishes, materials, and products; emphasis on performance characteristics, manufacturing methods, testing, codes, specifications, and professional liability. Field trips reqd at student expense.

ID 400 (s) Seminar

Credit arranged.

ID 403 (s) Workshop

Credit arranged.

ID 404 (s) Special Topics

Credit arranged.

ID 410 Capstone Proposal Development

2 credits
Capstone Studio proposal development requiring systematic approach to the development of project proposal in preparation for ID 452. 8 week course/2 credit hour course.
Coreq: ID 451 .

ID 415 Design Management

3 credits
This course aims to provide a foundation of business knowledge that will prepare design students to work in management. This is a lecture and case study based class.
Prereq: Junior standing or higher.

ID 443 Universal Design

3 credits
Gen Ed: American Diversity
Introduction to and application of universal design and accessible design concepts, principles, products, standards, laws, regulations, and guidelines to the design and adaptation of the built environment. Attendance at outside events (such as lectures, simulations, and completion of a service learning component) is required. One and a half hours lecture and 3 hours arranged. Recommended Preparation: ID 254 or ARCH 254.

ID 451 Interior Design V

6 credits
Advanced problems in mixed use contract interior design requiring synthesis of related course work into comprehensive design resolution that communicates design impact on sense of place and place making; projects will seek to refine the design decision making process by requiring in-depth programming, client participation, and development beyond schematic phases, e.g., integration of building systems, lighting design, interdisciplinary investigation, and understanding of cultural/environmental context. Nine hours of studio a week and assigned work; field trips reqd at student expense; some class jury sessions will meet outside of scheduled hours. Recommended Preparation: ID 443.
Prereq: ID 352.

ID 452 Interior Design VI

6 credits
Gen Ed: Senior Experience
Capstone studio course featuring advanced applications of design theories and processes focusing on complex design issues, synthesis and implementation of previous course work in appropriate student selected project, from the initial programming through the final complete design documentation and presentation. Nine hrs of studio a wk and assigned work; field trips reqd at student expense; some class jury sessions will meet outside of scheduled hours.
Prereq: ID 410 and ID 451.

ID 498 (s) Internship

Credit arranged.

ID 499 (s) Directed Study

Credit arranged.