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MATH 143 College Algebra

3 credits
Gen Ed: Mathematics
Carries no credit after MATH 160 or MATH 170; carries 2 credits after MATH 137. Algebraic, exponential, logarithmic functions; graphs of conics; zeros of polynomials; systems of equations, induction. Taught using the Polya Math Center, a studio environment featuring group study, one-to-one interaction with instructors, computer-mediated modules, and lectures.
Prereq: Sufficient score on SAT, ACT, or math placement test; or MATH 108 with grade of C or better. It is recommended that MATH 143 be taken within two years of passing MATH 108 or its equivalent. Required test scores can be found here:

Mathematics (MATH)

Credit Limitations:  MATH 108 carries no credit after MATH 137 or MATH 143; MATH 137 carries no credit after MATH 143; MATH 143 carries no credit after MATH 160 or MATH 170; MATH 170 carries 2 credits after MATH 160; MATH 160 carries no credit after MATH 170, MATH 215 carries no credit after MATH 461 or MATH 471.

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