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Washington State Cooperatively Offered Course

...the Family (3 cr) SOE 310 Modeling the...Semester (4 cr) ITALIAN 105 Elementary Conversation (1...

AVS 105 Survey of the Science of Livestock Production and Management

1-3 credits, max 3
This course is designed to introduce the student to the principles of animal production and management through knowledge and skills pertaining to nutrition, reproduction, diseases, breeding, genetics, anatomy, and physiology in livestock. Course will be offered for 1 credit in the Fall and 2 in the Spring.

THE 105 Basics of Performance I

3 credits
Intro to performance; techniques of relaxation, observation, and justification; work in improvisation, sensory exploration, image-making, and beginning textual analysis; initial monologue and scene performance. One lec and 2 hrs of lab a wk.