Physical Education

Physical Education Teaching Minor (Grade levels 1-12)

An academic major in Physical Education Teacher Education is offered through the Department of Movement Science leading to the degree of B.S.Ed. For information on the undergraduate major in Physical Education- see the Department of Movement Sciences section.

IFIT 108Water-Based Fitness and Sports1
MVSC 201Physical Activity, Wellness & Behavior Change for Healthy Active Lifestyles3
MVSC 486Healthy Active Lifestyle Assessment and Intervention3
PEP 107Movement Fundamentals1
PEP 132Skill and Analysis of Striking and Net/Wall Activities1
PEP 133Skill and Analysis of Target and Invasion Activities1
PEP 134Skill and Analysis of Recreation and Outdoor Activities1
PEP 300Applied Human Anatomy and Biomechanics3
PEP 360Motor Behavior3
PEP 412Elementary Methods in Physical Activity Pedagogy3
PEP 413Foundations and Assessment in Physical Activity Pedagogy3
PEP 418Physiology of Exercise2
PEP 421Secondary Methods in Physical Activity Pedagogy3
PEP 424Inclusive Physical Education and Recreation3
First Aid and CPR Certificate
Total Hours31