Music Education (B.Mus.)

Required course work includes the university requirements (see regulation J-3) and:

COMM 101Fundamentals of Oral Communication2
EDCI 201Contexts of Education3
EDCI 301Learning, Development, and Assessment3
EDSP 300Educating for Exceptionalities3
MUSA 115Studio Instruction2
MUSA 124Studio Instruction (6 credits are required)6
MUSA 246Piano Class for Music Majors/Minors1
MUSA 324Studio Instruction (6 credits are required)6
MUSA 387Conducting I2
MUSA 487Conducting II2
MUSA 490Half Recital0
MUSC 139Aural Skills I2
MUSC 140Aural Skills II2
MUSC 141Theory of Music I2
MUSC 142Theory of Music II2
MUSC 239Aural Skills III1
MUSC 240Aural Skills IV1
MUSC 241Theory of Music III3
MUSC 242Theory of Music IV3
MUSC 328Instrumental and Choral Arranging2
MUSH 111Introduction to Music Literature3
MUSH 321Music in Western Civilization I3
MUSH 322Music in Western Civilization II3
MUSH 323Music in Western Civilization III3
MUST 382Elementary Music Methods and Literacy3
MUST 383Principles of Music Teaching3
MUST 432Practicum: Music Teaching11
MUST 445Proseminar in Music Teaching1
MUSX 101Orientation for Music Majors0
MUSX 140Recital Attendance (Seven semesters required)0
Select one of the following Emphases:19-21
Total Hours97-99

A. Instrumental Emphasis

MUSA 245Piano Class for Music Majors/Minors1
MUST 251String Instrument Techniques1
MUST 253Brass Instrument Techniques1
MUST 254Percussion Techniques1
MUST 255Woodwind Techniques1
MUST 256String Techniques and Orchestral Literature1
MUST 352Double Reed Techniques1
MUST 386Instrumental Music in the Secondary School3
MUST 465Jazz Band Rehearsal Techniques2
MUST 466Marching Band Techniques1
Select 6 credits of Major Ensembles 16
Select two different semesters of other ensembles chosen from: 22
Marching Band
Concert Band
Marching Band
Concert Band
Wind Ensemble
Jazz Ensemble
Chamber Ensemble
Total Hours21

Courses to total 131 credits for this degree 

B. Vocal Emphasis

MUSA 114Studio Instruction 11
MUSA 245Piano Class for Music Majors/Minors1
MUSA 380Opera/Musical Theatre Studio1-3
MUST 385Choral Music in the Secondary School3
MUST 435Pedagogy & Materials2
MUSX 283English and Italian Diction for Singers2
MUSX 284German and French Diction for Singers2
Select 6 different semesters of Major Ensembles chosen from:6
Concert Choir--Vandaleers
University Choir
Concert Choir--Vandaleers
University Chorus
Select one semester of other ensembles chosen from:1
Concert Choir--Vandaleers
University Choir
Jazz Choir
Concert Choir--Vandaleers
University Chorus
Jazz Choir
Chamber Ensemble
Opera/Musical Theatre Studio
Total Hours19-21

Students in this major must take the required MUSA 115, MUSA 124 and MUSA 324 Studio Instruction courses in voice.

Courses to total 130 credits for this degree