Theatre Arts (M.F.A.)

Master of Fine Arts. Major in Theatre Arts.

The Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of Idaho is a rigorous three-year, 60-72 hour degree designed for talented students wishing to prepare themselves for a career in the professional theatre. Degree tracks in areas of design, directing, performance and technical production are built around specific curriculum categories and individual courses are selected by the candidate in consultation with his or her major professor. Student progress is monitored by portfolio review or performance jury each semester. Exit procedures from the program include a creative project and comprehensive exam.

Candidates must fulfill the general requirements of the College of Graduate Studies and a minimum of 60 credits from the course groupings listed below.

Studio Area (12-16 credits)

A minimum of 12 credits are taken in course work directly related to an area of specialization. The studio area of study is individualized to the candidate's specific needs and areas of weakness. Candidates will enroll in M.F.A. Studio each semester of residence excluding summers.

Related Studio Area (9-12 credits)

A minimum of 9 credits are taken in a related studio area which generally pertains directly to the candidate's area of specialization.

Craft Area (8-12 credits)

A minimum of 8 credits are taken in courses to develop specific skills associated with the studio area.

History/Literature/Criticism (9-12 credits)

A minimum of 9 credits are taken in history or literature courses which relate directly to the studio area. Courses taken to fulfill this requirement might include dramatic literature, social history, art history, architectural history, and theatre history.

Internship (12 credits)

A maximum of 12 credits of THE 598, are taken to augment course work with professional experiences with professional regional theatres in the area.

M.F.A. Jury/Portfolio Review (5 credits)

A minimum of 5 credits of THE 515, must be completed with a grade of 'B' or better before the awarding of the degree. A maximum of 1 credit of THE 515 may be taken each semester.

M.F.A. Exit Procedures (3 credits)

Exit procedures vary with the area of specialization. In each case the exit procedure revolves around a thesis project or exam completed sometime in the last two semesters of residence. Projects are designed in consultation with the candidate's graduate committee. Candidates must enroll in THE 596 during the semester the project is undertaken.