Pre-Health Professions Studies Minor

Most health professions schools do not require a specific degree for admission. Instead, students are encouraged to select a major in an area that reflects their interests and aptitude, and then simultaneously complete prerequisite coursework for admission to their school(s) of choice. The Pre-Health Professions minor includes coursework that most health professions schools will expect applicants to have completed prior to admission. Requirements do vary between programs; therefore, students should be certain to check specific requirements at their schools of most interest.

PSYC 101Introduction to Psychology3
STAT 251Statistical Methods3
or STAT 301 Probability and Statistics
Select one of the following sequences:4
Introduction to Chemistry
and Introduction to Chemistry Laboratory
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry I Laboratory 1
Select at least 10 credits from the following:10
Organisms and Environments
Cells and the Evolution of Life
and Cells and the Evolution of Life Laboratory
Anatomy and Physiology I
Anatomy and Physiology II
General Chemistry II
and General Chemistry II Laboratory
Organic Chemistry I
Organic Chemistry I: Lab
Technical Writing
General Physics I
and General Physics I Lab 2
Engineering Physics I
and Laboratory Physics I 2
Total Hours20

Courses to total 20 credits for this minor