H - Final Examinations


The last five days of each semester are scheduled as a final exam week (two-hour exams) in all divisions except the College of Law. The following provisions apply:


No quizzes or exams may be given in lecture-recitation periods during the week before finals week. Exams in lab periods and in physical education activity classes, final in-class essays in English composition classes, and final oral presentations in speech classes are permitted.


Final exams or final class sessions are to be held in accordance with the schedule approved by the Faculty Council. Instructors may deviate from the schedule only on the recommendation of the college dean and prior approval by the provost or provost's designee.


The final exam time will be scheduled based on the lecture portion of a course. The final exam time is based on the meeting schedule of the course section, as it exists in the class schedule for that semester. If a class meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, for example, the final exam time will be based on the time the class is scheduled to meet on these days. If the meeting day(s) and/or time of the lecture portion of a course change during the semester the final exam time will be scheduled based on the first meeting time.


Where exams common to more than one course or section are required, they must be scheduled through the Registrar's Office and are regularly held in the evening.


Students with more than two finals in one day may have the excess final(s) rescheduled.  Students who need to have a final rescheduled should make arrangements as early in the semester as possible, but no later than two weeks prior to the start of final examination week. Requests submitted after the deadline are left to the discretion of the instructors.  If voluntary accommodation is not achieved, the instructor of the class with the lowest enrollment will offer an alternative exam. The rescheduled exam will take place during one of the designated conflict exam periods or as arranged with the course instructor.


Athletic contests are not to be scheduled during finals week.


Students who miss final exams without valid reason receive Fs in the exams. Students who are unavoidably absent from final exams are required to present evidence in writing to the instructor to prove that the absence is/was unavoidable.


Instructors, with the concurrence of their departments, may excuse individual students from final exams when such students have a grade average in the course that will not be affected by the outcome of the final exam. In such instances, the grade earned before the final exam is to be assigned as the final grade.


Early final exams are permitted for students, on an individual basis, who clearly demonstrate in writing that the reasons for early final exams are compelling. Such requests require approval by the department and instructor of the course.