Education (Ph.D.)

Doctor of Philosophy. Major in Education. Specialization in Higher Education.

The Ph.D. degrees in this field is offered through the College of Education.

Program of Study

Prerequisite(s) Master's Degree (Up to 28 credits from the Master's degree may be applied to the 84 required).

Required Content Core
HED 606Organizational Development and Change in Higher Education3
HED 607Social Justice Leadership in Higher Education3
HED 608Stewardship of Higher Education3
HED 609Leadership in Higher Education3
HED 610Governance and Public Policy in Higher Education3
HED 627Law and Ethics in Higher Education3
HED 625Finance and Budgeting in Higher Education3
Residency Requirement
HED 623Contemporary Issues in Higher Education 15
ED 571Introduction to Quantitative Research3
ED 574Survey of Qualitative Research3
ED 680Philosophical Foundations of Educational Research3
HED 611Research Internship in Higher Education6
Select one additional Qualitative Quantitative ED course3
Select 12 credits for Dissertation12
Total Hours56

Courses to total 84 credits for this degree